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Michael has dedicated his professional life to creating outstanding portraits. His artistry along with your individuality combine during your session to create images that will truly immortalize this awesome time in your life.

" Mr Michael is not just some guy with a camera. He is a true

artisan with a passion for fine portraiture. Combine this with

a youthful spirit that lets him relate extremely well with HS

Seniors and you have a winning combo!"

Your time at L.A. is all about YOU.

Our staff will greet you at the door, welcoming you into our studio. Our dressing room will be waiting for you to fill it with your outfits and props. Michael will discuss all of your photo options and together you'll make your final choices of clothes and props.

With your music playing in the
camera room while the lights
begin flashing.
You'll start to realize
this is so much more than just
snapping a couple of pics.
Our camera assistant, Kate
will attend to your
hair and clothing details, making
sure everything looks just right.
Michael will direct you through
easy and comfortable poses that
make you look your best!
Our images are retouched and
enhanced to highlight your assets
and minimize your flaws!